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Day 0: Saturday, June 3 - Boston to Land's End

The flight was as any other transatlantic flight (he said as if he knew what he was talking about.) We sat out on the runway at Logan for an hour waiting for a thunderstorm to blow through, then were off. BA is a nice airline, but flying in 'World Tourist' class is an ordeal in the best of circumstances. We arrived at Heathrow Airport around 5:40 AM, bleary-eyed and a bit disoriented. Customs was a joke. We went through the green line for 'Nothing to Declare'. There was no-one there. We just walked out the other end and into the concourse.

After taking the shuttle train to Paddington Station, we waited about an hour and a half to catch the Great Northwestern Railway train to Penzance. Arriving around 2:30, we rode a short but glorious ten miles or so to the hostel at St. Just. We skipped the 'A' and 'B' roads and stuck to the 'Unclassified' lanes. Some of the lanes were barely wide enough for one car, and with seven foot high hedgerows to both sides, they make for interesting riding! Anywise, the countryside here is glorious. It's a lot the same as home, but so different at the same time.

Well, I know this wasn't all that coherent, but neither am I tonight. I'm dealing with jet lag and a steep sleep-deficit. Should be better tomorrow.

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