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Day 4: Wednesday, June 7 - Exeter to Street

After three days straight of steep ups and downs, today was a nice change of pace. We left Exeter and quickly were gliding through easy countryside. Nice rolling hills, quiet country roads, and a great Ploughman's lunch and a pint of bitters at 'The Greyhounds Inn'. Our group had split up this morning, and there were two of us at the Inn at lunchtime. Jodi and I were treated to a personal history lesson about the Pitchfork Rebellion, a decisive battle of which took place right there. We managed to wander completely off our map, and ended up with a bundle of maps and directions pressed on us by a very helpful truck driver who insisted they were all spares that he didn't need. Later on, the proprietress of a store gave us wonderfully detailed directions to navigate through the moor and avoid a batch of hills. "It's windy, windy, windy, over the bridge, another bridge, sharp left...", all accompanied with hand motions and full body English for each wind and every bridge.

After a wonderful day of sliding through the countryside and meeting wonderful people, I've just finished showering and we're all off to town for dinner.

Bye from Street,
Allen & The Beast

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