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After months (literally!) of on and off prep work, the big day finally arrived. The flooring had been delivered, and had been allowed to sit stacked in the living room for well over a week. It was now finally time to start doing the fun part of this project. It was time to start laying the floor.

Here's the sub-floor ready to start.
The first row of red rosin paper installed.
The first three rows of flooring had to be nailed by hand, because the nailer won't fit that close in to the wall. It's very important that these first rows are straight. If they're not, then the whole floor is going to be messed up.

It took me three hours to install these first three rows.

After those first rows I was able to start using the floor nailer. What a wonderful invention! 

A couple hours later, Jodi was home. After eating a bit of lunch, we really started to make some progress.

 We worked for about 9 hours on Saturday, and when we finally called it quits we were bushed!

On Sunday morning we were back at it again. By early afternoon, we were about half done with the living-dining room.

Sunday afternoon, we decided we were proud enough of the job we were doing that we signed our work.
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Last modified: November 03, 2011