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Monday, July 1 (Canada Day): We did darned little cycling today. We rode about 7 kilometers from our motel to the ferry landing. We bought our tickets ($35 per person plus $20 per bicycle) then waited around for boarding time. We were told to get in the front of the line and were again the first onto the ferry. We got a reasonably good breakfast onboard the boat. The weather was cold, grey, and wet so we spent the three-hour crossing reading and perusing our map of Nova Scotia.

 Yesterday we had decided that we didn't want to ride much today, but would instead treat it as a rest day. When we got off the ferry in Digby we stopped at the Visitors Center and asked about accommodations in town. We told the woman helping us that we wanted to be downtown, and we wanted something at the low end of the price scale. After we turned down a few of her suggestions of inns and B&B's in the $75 to $95 range, she finally suggested a 'room' above the Captain's Cabin Restaurant that we could have for $55.  We didn't expect much, but after riding downtown and checking with the proprietor of the Captain's Cabin, he brought us around and up the back stairs to find a large suite including kitchen, living room, bedroom, and bathroom. All ours for $55 CDN! Our best deal yet.

While we were at the Visitors Center we also picked up a couple of small Canadian flags they were handing out for Canada Day. These flags are now proudly attached to our bicycles.

We've taken an easy stroll along the waterfront, sat out a rain shower eating lunch and drinking a couple of beers, and now Jodi is recharging her batteries with a well-deserved nap. Tomorrow we'll be back on the road, probably heading up the Annapolis Valley with Halifax our next major goal a few days away.

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