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Thursday, July 4 (Independence Day): When we crawled out of the tent this morning it was already hot and muggy. The day became a long, hot, and difficult grind along Rt 1 as we made the climb up to Mt Uniacke on the way to Halifax. As we got to the Atlantic side the temperatures cooled, but we were met by a very stiff headwind that made progress very slow. We made the approach through the northwestern suburbs of Halifax as the afternoon rush hour was starting. Throughout our time in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia the drivers have been wonderful. It seems, though, that these suburbs are an exception. In all the places I've cycled I have never been met with such intentionally aggressive behaviour!

We finally made it through the suburbs and into the city itself, which is always much easier cycling. The signs for the Visitor Information Center made navigating into town much easier, and we arrived at the downtown Center tired, ragged, but sure that we would have no trouble getting a nice downtown hotel on a Thursday. Boy, oh boy, were we wrong! It seems that Halifax has a chronic shortage of hotel rooms, and absolutely everything was full. Even the hostel was full.  The best we could do was to get a single dorm room at St Mary's University, which is a ten or fifteen minute walk from the downtown area. Our long day ended after a 110-kilometer ride and a disappointing dinner at an Indian restaurant.  

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