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We received an email from our friend Ken around mid-week saying that he and Janene would be either riding a century in the Boston area, or would be taking the ferry from New London, CT to Long Island and riding there. He asked if we were interested in riding as well. Never being able to resist Ken's persuasive powers, we told him whatever he decided to do to count us in.

As it turns out, Ken and Janene decided to ride the Blazing Saddles Century hosted by the North Shore Cycling Club. We got up bright and early on Saturday morning and made the drive up to Georgetown, MA, where we met Ken and Janene at the start at Georgetown High School.

It was a beautiful day. Fairly dry for an August day in New England, with temperatures only making it into the low 80's by mid-afternoon.

Only about 6 miles into the ride, the four of us were riding in a fairly tight paceline when we all heard it. The distinct sound of air rushing out of a bike tire. Everybody started checking their tires, and the rest of us were relieved when Ken exclaimed that it was his tire that was quickly becoming flat on the bottom.

Well, the first rest stop wasn't until mile 43. Being a bit less gung-ho than many of the other cyclists apparently were, we pulled over at an elementary school in one of the towns we passed through for a break and to have a snack.

Of course, we eventually made it to the official rest stop. Here Janene and Jodi are sharing a bit of conversation along with their snacks.

No bike ride is complete without at least one ice cream stop. We parked our bikes outside the shop and went in to enjoy some of the delectable frozen treat. When we came out we noticed that another cyclist had parked his steed with ours. Boy, this Trek is much sharper than my beat up old Trek touring bike. And look at how the helmet colors coordinate with the bike. I was jealous!

We finally made it back to the starting point, with 100 miles on the odometer. We were having such a good time cruising through the countryside that we were the last 4 riders in. The folks manning the start/finish line very graciously waited for us, and feted us with drinks and snacks before we packed the car and headed back home.

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