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Ireland 2003

Ireland. Finally we made it to Ireland. This is the trip we had planned to take last year, but had been forced to postpone due to scheduling and financial constraints. Things are still tight, of course. They always are. But we went anyway. We had to watch our euros and our pounds, and somehow made it all work out.

This year Jodi and I are joined forces with a couple of other cyclists we have toured with before. Ed and Adele are both experienced cycle-tourists. I first met Ed on a weekend bike trip that followed the Connecticut River valley from Amherst, Massachusetts to Brattleboro, Vermont and back. Both Ed and Adele were among the group that I joined in 2000 to ride from Land's End to John o'Groats

Ireland is jammed with hostels and B&B's, so we left the camping and cooking gear at home. We flew into Dublin then took the train to Cork, where we started our cycling. About 900 miles and a myriad of experiences later, we finished our ride in Belfast then took the train back to Dublin. After a couple days sightseeing in Dublin, we flew home.

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