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Thursday, July 11: When we woke this morning we could hear the wind blowing strong. Reading the weather forecast in the newspaper during breakfast, we were promised winds out of the northwest at 20 kilometers per hour, shifting to the west and increasing to 25 km/hr. Of course, we were heading northwest up through the Acadian area of the Pubnicos and Argyle, then due west for the last bit into Yarmouth.


It was a gorgeous, fresh, cool day. We made slow but steady progress. We had a great lunch at a small local diner somewhere along the way. It wasn't an unpleasant day. But the strong winds made it hard work and we were glad to finally turn onto Main Street in Yarmouth after an 80 km ride. After a stop at the Visitors Center for information we are now in a comfortable enough room at the Midtown Motel.

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