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T@CO Utah

Some Final Impressions

Here in no particular order are a few off-the-cuff impressions:

  • You folks in Utah better wake up. Close the gate. Guard the walls. You live in an incredibly beautiful place that is going to be totally wrecked if too many more people move in. Arm yourselves and prepare to turn back the hordes!
  • The terrain and climate are incredibly varied. Even traveling by bicycle, it seemed like every half-day's journey brought us to an entirely new place.
  • We saw some spectacular sights. But by far the most satisfying to me was the desert as we headed south into Arizona.
  • I think it important to note that as we drove down to Grand Canyon we went along some of the same roads, and through the window of a speeding vehicle the desert was much more of an empty wasteland. I'm afraid the infernal combustion engine may be a threat to this environment in more ways than one.
  • People in Utah actually speak English!
  • Way too many people take bus tours. One of the rangers at Bryce Canyon told me the average visit is 90 minutes. That's pathetic. The only redeeming value is that these bus tours provided us with someone to make fun of.
  • Utah has some really ugly towns. I guess the built landscape doesn't sit lightly on the natural landscape in so arid a place.
  • Utah has some really nice people! Even waitresses. (Cyclists never, NEVER, pass up an all-you-can-eat buffet.)

The Statistics

Sep 13


St. George to Zion National Park

Sep 14


In Zion National Park

Sep 15


Zion NP to Pipe Springs National Monument, AZ

Sep 16


Pipe Springs National Monument  to Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park

Sep 17


Coral Pink Sand Dunes to Hatch UT

Sep 18


Hatch to Bryce Canyon National Park

Sep 19

Hiking in Bryce

Sep 20


to Rainbow Point in Bryce Canyon National Park

Sep 21


Bryce Canyon National Park to Forest Service Campground near Panguitch Lake

Sep 22


Panguitch Lake to KOA in Cedar City

Sep 23


Cedar City to St. George - mostly on I-15




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