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Friday, June 28: We packed up in record time this morning, thanks to the voracious mosquitoes that greeted us as we crawled out of the tent. We struck out north along Rt 1. After about 18 miles we finally spotted a diner and got our breakfast. We spent another day cycling on Rt 1. This road is all right for cycling, with relatively light and polite traffic, but it isn't terribly scenic from the saddle of a bike. We spotted a route on the map that swung south from Machias and then rejoined Rt 1 in East Machias. Well, just because something exists on the map doesn't always mean it also exists on the ground. After cycling south about 8 or 9 miles, we finally realized we weren't going to end up where we thought we would. We stopped at a tiny plywood-sided 'mall' and asked directions. The two ladies inside were quite helpful, even offering us a free map of the local area that clearly showed the road we were following. It also showed that this road did not go where the state map showed it going. Instead, we discovered the road we were on dead-ended a couple miles ahead. Just after we turned around and started to retrace our path back to Machias, it started to rain.


Discouraged, we even made a half-hearted attempt at hitchhiking when the occasional pickup went by. Unsuccessful as hitchhikers, we slogged on until we were back where we started in Machias. We checked with one motel in Machias, but were not willing to pay $50+ for a room. Pushing on to East Machias we found the 'Hillside Cabins' for $25. It was a fully amortized facility, but it filled our need for a shower and a bed. After a 75-mile day, it didn't take much to make us comfortable. Good thing it didnít take much, since the water heater didnít work and we were treated to an ice cold shower! A few inquiries around town soon revealed that there was no place to shop, so we cranked up the stove on the front porch of our humble shelter and warmed up our emergency MRE rations for dinner.  

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