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T@CO Utah -- Day 11

Cedar City to St. George

September 23

First thing this morning we headed for the Tourist Information office that happened to be just down the street from the campground.  We had no definite plan in mind as to what we should do for the last few days of our trip.  After asking a lot of questions of the very helpful woman manning the info desk, and perusing a number of maps and such, we were still without a plan.

I suggested perhaps we just head straight back down to St. George, stay there for the night, then rent a car and check out the North Rim of the Grand Canyon.   Well, this idea was instantly popular.  Rich squashed the car rental idea in a flash, and proposed that we all pile into Rich and Freda's van for the trip. Perfect!

So, we made a fast trip back to St. George, mostly on the shoulder of I-15.  Wherever there was a parallel road, we used it. For most of the way, though, there is no alternative.  While the ride was nearly 65 miles, we were losing about 3000' of altitude.  We were back in St. George, watching people swimming in the motel pool, by 3:00 PM.

Sunburned, fit, happy. Thus ended another great cycle-touring adventure.   This was the first trip of more than a weekend that I had ever taken with somebody else.  Before the trip I had worried a lot about the whole issue of group dynamics.   I can be hard to get along with, and I was afraid that personality conflicts would ruin the trip.  Far from it.  I feel like Rick, Rich, and Freda are going to be life-long friends.  Whenever life gets a bit too burdensome, I know I can just send a note Rich's way inviting him for pancakes at Panguitch Lake, and we'll be on our way!

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