Two years ago when Jodi and I went to Tanzania for vacation I created
a blog using Blogger to simplify keeping folks up to date on our
whereabouts. It worked well and I decided I would like to do the same
thing this year. Instead of using a hosted blogging service I have
installed WordPress on my own web server with the intention of using
that. Unfortunately I’ve had trouble getting it set up to be able to
post to the blog via email, and to allow readers to subscribe to
updates. I’m sure I could get this all straightened out eventually,
but we are leaving in only 5 days and there are lots of other things
that need my attention right now, so I am falling back on Blogger once

I’ll be using my Palm to send email while on this trip. I have a Bluetooth wireless keyboard to use with it which makes typing a whole lot easier than trying to use the tiny thumb keyboard with my big clumsy hands. I could use GMail to send emails and thus be able to take advantage of email distribution lists to send posts to multiple people, but using Gmail means I have to actually have a signal and be online in order to create emails, and I can’t be sure that I’ll always have service at the time and place that I am writing the emails. So instead I will be using Versamail, the email client that comes installed on my Palm. Versamail doesn’t support email distribution lists, but I can write the emails while offline and then send them at a later time whenever I have a signal on my cell phone. By sending an email to a special email address, whatever I send will appear here as a new post. You can be assured of knowing when I add a new post my using the link at the left to subscribe.

Allen F. Freeman