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Okay, I’m a bit of a geek, and as such I just love spreadsheets full of numbers. Along my hike I kept track of my daily mileage and other info, and it is all here. I imagine this holds absolutely no interest for most of you, and that’s cool. But it might be of interest […]

2,000 Miler Certificate

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— ~~~~~Allen F.

Summing It All Up (NOT!)


So, It's been 12 days since I summited Katahdin and brought mythru-hike to a close. I think some folks are expecting — and maybe Ihave been expecting myself — to see a nice, neat summing up here ofwhat this whole trip was all about; what meaning and insight have Igained from my hike. Sorry to […]


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I finally got the last set of photos, those from Rangeley Maine to Katahdin, up on my website, They can be found here: — ~~~~~ Monkeywrench Allen F. Freeman