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Some Like it Hot

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Hello, I’ve been ignoring my self prescribed duty of writing this blog. Now I’ve got to back track, but my memory is still fresh as I’m not really thinking about my day to day responsibilities. Well, I didn’t get the job that I would have come home early for. I do have a job schedule […]

Hi, Allen and I went on two more National Park Service tours yesterday in Mesa Verde. I find the tours of the Pueblo cliff dwellings, Cliff Palace and Balcony House, endlessly interesting. The Rangers take us to the site. We’ve had to squeeze through narrow rock passages, climb wooden ladders and at Balcony House crawl […]

Mesa Verde Day 2

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I am particularly proud of getting the Finch shot. I got to with in 4 feet and shot this with a 35mm lens. I love my new binoculars and enjoy watching and identifying birds. Fascinating. I think I’ll add my other finch shot too.

7/16 Mesa Verde, Day 1

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Hi, Mesa Verde is an endlessly interesting site. I enjoy spending time looking at the Pueblo Indian sites as much as I enjoy the absolute quiet of our campsite. We wnt to an outdoor amphitheater and Ranger gave an Astronomy talk Lucky for us it was a cloudless night. We went a few days without […]

Mesa Verde 7/16

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Every picture tells a story. ? Wild flower more wind.JPG ?? wildflowers.JPG ?? Yellow flower and pinot tree.JPG ?? Yucca with fruit.JPG ? ? Juniper.JPG ?? Old Growth Juniper.JPG ?? Old Growth Pinot Tree.JPG ?? Our campsite.JPG ?? Petroglyph C.U..JPG ?? Petroglyphs.JPG ?? Sandstone rock formation.JPG ?

July 9th and 10th

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Hi, Today we hiked over 11 miles and climbed about 1300′ in just under 5 hours. Allen’s Fitbit on his wrist calculated 22,000 steps. I am 1 foot shorter than Allen,let’s say I took 25,000 steps. That’s just data. We were on the Colorado River Trail at the Little Yellowstone Trail Head in Rocky Mountain […]

July 8th

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July 8th From our RV, we hiked up the dirt road to a trail head. We decide to circumnavigate the trail that leads around the lake in this mountainous area. Luckily we took it easy today, did our 5 mile hike early. More than half way we paused and let our legs dangle from a […]

July 7th

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We went for a hike to Cascade Falls, a 4 mile gentle hike through meadow and forest to the prize. It’s magical to see and hear the power of the water falling and hitting and rolling over the rocks in an endless series of pathways, twists and turns, all different, so many little scenes, sparkles, […]

July 6th

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July 6th, Our first full day at Arapahoe National Recreation area. We got the last available spot for an RV here and that is good What is a little disappointing is that it definitely wouldn’t have been my first pick of spots. We are in a very rural place about 9 miles off a the […]

July 4th con’t

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I checked out the 4th of July celebration in the park, a two minute walk from our campground. It was nice to see so many people having a good time. I had a good time watching the tubers. Here is a picture of my dear friend Joyce. We along with a lot of her and […]

Hi, It’s July 4th. I’ve been so busy doing fun things that I haven’t kept up with this blog. Yesterday was one of those days that zoomed by. In the morning Joyce stopped by with her dog Jango and her bother’s dog Zack. We walked the Clear Creek Trail back to her house and visited […]

Golden, CO

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Yesterday was our first full day in Golden, CO. The weather has been mostly beautiful. Yesterday the difference in the temperature from the shade to the sun seemed like 15 degrees. Yesterday Allen and Allen’s friend Cassie who lives nearby went for a hike to Lookout Mountain. We hiked 4 miles up and 4 miles […]

6/28 & 6/29

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We got late start on 6/28. We spent $$$$ on our leveling jacks at Winnebago and left Forest City around 4pm. Allen drove to another Walmart somewhere in Nebraska. We arrived around 7:30pm. Yesterday we drove past more farms of corn and soybean, mostly corn. We went to an absolutely beautiful quiet lush campground in […]

6/26 Parts RV Parts

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Hi, This is Jodi I had a great day. I drove to Crossfit, Chiron in Mason City again. I pulled up as everyone was running out the door for a 400 meter run. I hurriedly joined in with car keys dangling in one hand and my “drop in” fee in the other. It was a […]

Hi Jodi here, We are still at Forest City. Who knows how long we will be here waiting for the part for our RV to be manufactured. Yesterday morning I drove 30 miles to the nearest Crossfit. It’s a fast 30 minute drive down a series single lane roads, and it’s telling how little there […]

Now this is more like it. Yesterday Allen and I went for a 3 mile run on a trail along the Winnebago River. Today we went on a 15 mile bike ride to and through a state park. We climbed to a CCC tower built in the late 1930s on the 2nd highest point in […]

Well, the good news is that Winnebago quickly identified the problem and the needed fix. We need the hydraulic jack cylinders replaced. More good news is that the jack manufacturer, HWH is only about half an hour from here. The bad news is that HWH doesn’t keep these parts in stock. They manufacture them on […]

Jodi here again: We’ve arrived! Our RV, an Itasca Sun Star was born here in 2011. Itasca is a Winnebago brand. Allen was looking forward to seeing this place..I believe that Winnebago is the main employer in this rural community of 4400. On the flat concrete two lane highway that cuts through the corn fields […]

Chicopee, MA to Olean, NY


Hi, Jodi here, We left in the RV yesterday around 5pm to start our six week long vacation to Colorado and maybe beyond. I worked until around 2pm and It was a tiring stressful scramble running the last few errands and prepping before finally going, We, Allen drove to Walmart in Chicopee and we stayed […]

The Itinerary


Sorry this didn’t show up with yesterday’s post. I had, as they say, “technical difficulties.” 20170504020757-45098-data.gpx

Summer Plans


This year Jodi and I have some plans in place to put the AdventureMobile to her intended purpose. Towards the end of June we will load up the motorhome, hook the car behind, and point her nose west bound for Colorado. It will take a week or so to drive out there, including a stop […]

New Adventures

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We just added a new AdventureMobile to our lives. She’s a 2011 Itasca Sunstar 35F motorhome. After months of searching and a few false starts, we finally found her for sale by a couple in upstate New York. At a rest area on the NYS Thruway:   Jodi behind the wheel:  Parked overnight at a […]