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Cold Spring Shelter to NOC

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Tuesday, 3/31 AT Miles = 11.5 / 135Other Miles = 0 / 13Total Miles = 11.5 / 147.9 It was a cold night last night. Okay, it wasn't any colder than several other nights I've camped on this trip, but my own absent-mindedness made it a cold night. As you know, I sleep in a […]

Monday, 3/30 AT Miles = 15.8 / 123.5Other Miles = 0 / 13Total Miles = 15.8 / 136.4 I enjoyed my zero day in Franklin yesterday, but by the end of the day yesterday I was itching to get back out on the trail. I was awake early this morning. I think I actually sleep […]

Thursday, 3/26 AT Miles = 11.8 / 79.3Other Miles = 0.4 / 13.0Total Miles = 12.2 / 92.2 I woke up around 5:30 this morning and after showering I turned on the TV and watched the morning news program which today was all weather all the time. A big weather system was moving into the […]


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I took only a very few photos on the last leg of my hike since it was raining all the time and the camera was buried deep inside my pack in the dry bag along with my clothes and the other electronics. The few pictures I did take are here: — ~~~~~ Allen F. […]

Friday 3/27 and Saturday 3/28 Friday:AT Miles = 12.5 / 91.8Other Miles = 0 / 13Total = 12.5 / 104.7 Saturday:AT Miles = 15.9 / 107.7 (I've passed the 100 mile mark!)Other Miles = 0 / 13Total Miles = 15.9 / 120.6 These posts are going to be a bit out of order. I have […]

Tuesday, 3/24 & Wednesday, 3/25 AT Miles = 11 / 67.5Other Miles = 0.2 / 12.6Total Miles = 11.2 / 80.0 As I write this it is Wednesday afternoon and I am relaxing in a room at the Hiawassee Inn in Hiawassee Georgia. Yesterday morning I woke up in my hammock at Tray Mountain Shelter. […]


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I got to the library in Hiawassee this morning and uploaded the photos I have taken so far. These are from the section from Amicalola Falls State Park to Hiawassee, Georgia. They are located here: — ~~~~~ Allen F. Freeman

Monday, 3/23 AT Miles = 7.8 / 56.5Other Miles = .3 / 12.3Total Miles = 8.1 / 68.8 After yesterday's tough workout I slept a bit late this morning and was almost the last one to leave camp this morning. The day started with a couple of hard climbs, and I was not predicting where […]

Sunday, 3/22 AT Miles = 18 / 48.7Other Miles = 2.5 / 12Total = 20.5 / 60.7 Staying at the hostel at Neels Gap was a nice break from hiking. I don't sleep very well in a bunk room with a bunch of other people, some of whom inevitably snore, but the comraderie with the […]

For Cassie

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This one is for Cassie, since she wished a blister upon me! Love you too Cassie. Allen

Slaughter Creek to Neels Gap

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Saturday, 3/21 AT Miles = 3.2 / 30.7Other Miles = 0 /9.5Total Miles = 3.2 /40.2 Well, I masnaged to spend the night at a place named Slaughter Creek on the slope of Blood Mountain, and seem to have escaped with all limbs intact. It was a cold night last night. Slaughter Creek is in […]

Friday, 3/20 AT Miles = 12.5 / 27.6Other Miles = 0 / 9.5Total Miles = 12.5 / 37.1 I like mornings. In the morning everything is quiet. The air is cool, the birds are singing, and the early morning light shows the world at its best. Also, in the morning my feet don't hurt. I […]

Thursday, 3/19 AT Miles = 12.3 / 15.1Other Miles = 0.7 / 9.5Total Miles = 13.0 / 24.6 While hiking today I kept thinking of things I wanted to talk about today, but now, at the end of a tiring day, I can't think of any of them. It was another beautiful day. I actuakky […]

Stover Creek Shelter

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Wednesday 3/18AT Miles = 2.8Other Miles = 8.8Total Miles = 11.6 Today was a perfect day to start a thru-hike. After days and days of rain, today was warm and sunny with a bit of haze. After a hearty breakfast at the Hikers Hostel in Dahlonega, six hikers piled into the truck to be shuttled […]

Not all that much to say today. The flight from Boston to Atlanta went off as scheduled, my backpack was not lost, I did not get turned around navigating the MARTA train, the shuttle from the hostel was only a few minutes late, and I arrived here safe, sound, and in possession of all of […]

Adventure’s Eve

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Months ago I added a countdown timer to my desktop, set to count downuntil the time my flight leaves Boston bound for Atlanta. At the timeI put it up the day counter contained three digits. Now, the daycounter is down to zero. There are 15 hours, 39 minutes, and 27seconds left until my flight is […]

The Blue Hills

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I have been spending my time this week taking care of all the little last-minute details that need to be taken care of before I leave for Georgia. Things like laying in a supply of the foods I eat on the trail so that Jodi won’t have to do all the shopping in order to […]

Mail Drops

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Below is the list of places I will be calling in for mail with the date I expect to arrive at that location. The dates are of course only estimates, and as the projections get further out into the future they are less and less accurate. As the hike progresses I will try to remember […]


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Some folks have been asking about the gear I will be carrying with me on my thru-hike. The weather is pretty uninviting outside today, and Jodi is working so I am home alone, so I took some time this morning and did a little photo-essay on my gear. Rather than post a long series of […]