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We thoroughly enjoyed our nice hotel room last night and I almost managed another 10 hour slumber, but soon enough it was time to get up. After taking advantage of the free continental breakfast we headed back to the room and started getting organized for the day. Jodi has been having problems with the shifting […]


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Jodi wanted me to share this photo. It’s actually from yesterday, when it was hot and sunny, rather than from cold and gray today.

Port Austin to Bay City

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There’s really not a lot to say about today. We knew it was going to be chilly and windy and wet today, and indeed it was. Yesterday was a pretty tough ride in the heat and I was pretty whipped by the time we arrived in Port Austin. I actually slept 10 hours last night, […]

Wind in our face

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This is Jodi. It’s my first ever blog post: We left our camp site at Forester County Park at 8:00am and headed north, northwest The road Rte 25 this far is mostly flat with a very little traffic and a wide well kept shoulder. Flat can be deceiving , as we use the same muscles […]

After coffee and a bit of breakfast at Bonnie’s house, Jodi and I did the bits of last-minute organizing that always seem to need to be done, strapped our panniers to the bikes, and set off. Bonnie asked me if I knew where I was going and I pointed east and said “I’m going east […]

A Long Drive


Jodi and I left Quincy about a quarter past 5 on Saturday morning, and arrived in Port Huron at about 7:45 pm. In between we drove about 700 miles, stopped for a couple of meals, crossed the international border twice, and had the car repaired. It sounds like quite a day, yet it was really […]

Saturday Warm-Up Ride

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Here’s a quick Saturday morning ride Jodi and I did this morning. We rode to the Dedham Diner, had breakfast, then rode home. Food is a great motivator! We’ve got a week before we leave on this year’s tour. That’s plenty of time to get in shape, right? 20160618.gpx

On The Road Again

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Jodi and I haven’t been on a bike tour since 2012, for a variety of reasons. But we’re going to remedy that this summer. Come June 25 we will be in the car, bikes on the roof, headed to Port Huron, Michigan. We will be leaving our car parked in the yard of a kind […]