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I finally got around to uploading the photos from our bike trip. We didn’t take very many photos. This seems to be the biggest effect of me no longer using a handlebar bag. Since the camera was stashed down in one of my front panniers, it often seemed like too much effort to get it […]

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Below is the daily break-down and total miles for the trip. Before we started I estimated the route at about 750 miles. Turns out I was pretty close, with the actual miles cycled coming in at 773.3. 07/25/2010 55.6 Erie, PA to Geneva State Park, OH 07/26/2010 56.9 Geneva State Park, OH to Cleveland Heights, […]

Sunday, August 8 Wind! From the time we left the campground this morning, all we did was fight our way into the wind. We were riding southwest along Rt 5, following the shore of Lake Erie. Meanwhile, the wind was blowing straight out of the southwest, either directly into our face or just off the […]

Saturday, August 7 Back in the US, Back in the US… Well, that’s it. We’re back in the US. Back in the land of rude and dangerous drivers. Welcome home! It was chilly in Port Colborn this morning. The temp was only in the 60s as we left our suite and rode up to the […]

Friday, August 6 What a difference a day makes! Actually, what a difference a storm makes. The storm that chased us into Port Dover yesterday afternoon left lower temperatures and drier air in its wake. For the most part, today’s riding stuck very closely to the shore of Lake Erie, and treated us to very […]

Thursday, August 5 We really enjoyed our stay on Port Stanley last night. We lucked out and picked what is probably the best place to stay in town. The food was really good, and we ended up eating lunch, dinner, and breakfast at the inn. The terrain changed a lot today. For the last couple […]

Short Term ForecastUpdated: Wednesday, August 4, 2010, 15:00 EDT Wednesday eveningEvening: 6:00 PM – 11:59 PM Wednesday overnightOvernight: 12:00 AM – 5:59 AM Thursday morningMorning: 6:00 AM – 11:59 AM Thursday afternoonAfternoon: 12:00 PM – 5:59 PM Chance of thunder- showers Isolated showers Chance of thunder- showers Chance of thunder- showers Temp. 27°C 21°C 23°C […]

Wednesday, August 4 Yet another hot and muggy day. This weather is taking a toll on me. Yeah, I’m sure it’s the weather. It can’t have anything to do with being old and fat and out of shape. It must be the weather. Yesterday afternoon, and again today, I just didn’t have much power in […]

Tuesday, August 3 As I mentioned in yesterday’s blog, we were invited to dinner by a couple staying in the same campground last night. George and Dale were wonderful hosts in their well-appointed motor home. We spent a couple hours there enjoying their company, and the nice meal the served us. While we were eating […]

Monday, August 2 What a great day of cycling! We left our hotel about 8:00 this morning, using the sidewalk to backtrack west on Michigan Avenue. I am not a fan of sidewalk cycling, but the alternative was to cross 4 lanes of traffic to make a U-Turn down the road, and the intersection was […]

Dearborn, MI


Sunday, August 1 No cycling today. We spent the day at Greenfield Village, part of the Henry Ford Museum complex. We had a ride in a 1915 Model T; very cool. We saw the Wright Brother’s Bicycle Shop, and I think confused the woman interpreter there because we were more interested in the period bicycles […]