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Zero Day in New Jersey

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Tuesday, 6/30 AT Miles = 0 / 1284.8Other Miles = 0 / 44.2Total Miles = 0 / 1329.0 I had a comfortable, lazy day today at Paul's house. Paul had to leaveearly for work, but he was kind enough to leave me the keys to his carso this morning I made a trip to the […]

Looking Ahead

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Having made the goal of reaching Delaware Water Gap and crossing theriver into New Jersey (7 states down and 7 to go!), I spent a bit oftime this morning trying to figure out the next couple of weeks. Iwill be back on the trail tomorrow, and it looks like I should reachNew York this coming […]

Monday, 6/29 AT Miles = 16.8 / 1284.8 Other Miles = 0 / 44.2 Total Miles = 16.8 / 1329.0 Insulated from the usual cues that wake me in the morning — a lightening sky and chirping birds — I was afraid I would oversleep in my motel room and as a result I woke […]

Sunday, 6/28 AT Miles 21.4 / 1268.0Other Miles = 0.4 / 44.2Total Miles = 21.8 / 1312.2 I was up early and out this morning, as I knew the climb up Blue Mountain after Lehigh Gap — the Palmerton Superfund Site — would be tough, and exposed to the weather. If it was sunny, it […]

Saturday, 6/27 AT Miles =16.8 / 1246.6Other Miles = 0 / 43.8Total Miles = 16.8 / 1290.4 I haven't seen much wildlife thus far in Pennsylvania; just the usual rabbits and turtles and chipmunks and squirrels. Then this morning, a few miles into the day's hike, I startled a bear. I just had the usual […]

Saturday Morning View

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—"Home is where I hang my food bag" MonkeywrenchAllen

The Rocks

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This is a little taste of what the trail is like in PA, though you really need to experience it to believe it.—"Home is where I hang my food bag" MonkeywrenchAllen

Friday, 6/26 AT Miles = 16.5 / 1229.8Other Miles = 0.4 / 43.8Total Miles = 16.9 / 1273.6 I HATE PA ROCKS! There, I got that out of the way. There was absolutely nothing even remotely enjoyable, interesting, or fulfilling about today. There was just mile after mile after mile of rocks. By the time […]


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There are several ways to get in touch with me duringmy hike. There is a guest book on my blog, and I encourage everyone who cares to to sign it. It's fun to see who is reading my blog. But if you are trying to get in touch with me and expecting me to see […]

Thursday, 6/25 AT Miles = 14.7 / 1213.3Other Miles = 0.3 / 43.4Total Miles = 15.0 / 1255.7 PA Rocks! No, not like, PA is so cool, it rocks! I mean the damn rocks in PA. The rocks in northern PA are pounding my feet into mush. Usually my feet start to hurt around mid-day, […]

Monday, 6/22 thru Wednesday, 6/24 Monday, 6/22AT Miles = 17.4 / 1154.7Other Miles = 0.1 / 41.7Total Miles = 17.5 / 1195.4 Tuesday, 6/23AT Miles = 24.7 / 1179.4Other Miles = 0.8 / 42.5Total Miles = 25.5 / 1220.9 Wednesday, 6/24AT Miles = 19.2 / 1198.6Other Miles = 0.6 / 43.1Total Miles = 19.8 /1240.7 […]


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I know I am behind with my blogging. A very long 25+ mile day today. Very tired. Will try to catch up tomorrow. Less than 1000 miles to go now! —"Home is where I hang my food bag" MonkeywrenchAllen

Sunday, 6/21 AT Miles = 11.4 / 1137.3Other Miles = 0.1 / 41.6Total Miles = 11.5 / 1177.9 Around 4:30 this morning I was awoken by a heavy downpour. Of course, as soon as I woke up my bladder decided I needed to get up NOW. Then I crawled back into my hammock and went […]

Saturday, 6/20 AT Miles = 14.3 / 1125.9Other Miles = 0.8 / 41.5Total Miles = 15.1 / 1166.4 Wow! The easiest 14 miles on the AT, I think! It was raining cats and dogs when I woke up this morning, so I kept putting off leaving until after 9:00, when the rain finally subsided. By […]

Rain, Rain, Go Away

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It is raining cats and dogs in Boiling Springs this morning, with the occasional boom of thunder. Definitely not an inviting morning to head back out on the trail. I am procrastinating this morning; waiting for the ridiculously late and rather skimpy breakfast at this B&B that isn’t served until 9:00AM. After breakfast, I will […]

Friday, 6/19 AT Miles = 0 / 1111.6 Other Miles = 0 / 40.7 Total Miles = 0 / 1151.3 So, I slept in a soft bed with clean white sheets, in an air conditioned room last night. Nice. And I did very little walking today. I walked about a mile down the road to […]

Thursday, 6/18 AT Miles = 12.2 / 1111.6Other Miles = 0.8 / 40.7Total Miles = 13.0 / 1151.3 Not much to say about today. It rained all night, though it hadtapered off to the occasional drizzle by the time I got up a fewminutes before 6:00. I ate breakfast, packed up all my wet gear,changed […]

Wednesday, 6/17 AT Miles = 17.1 / 1099.4Other Miles = 0.2 / 39.9Total Miles = 17.3 / 1138.3 Today reminded me of Georgia, hiking all day in a steady, cold rain. I've been pushing pretty hard since I left Front Royal Wednesday last, and I am fetting tired. When Iwoke up this morning my feet […]

Tuesday, 6/16 AT Miles = 19.6 / 1082.3Other Miles = 0 / 39.7Total Miles = 19.6 / 1121.0 When I got up this morning I couldn't tell whether the sky was clear or overcast, but it was soon apparent that it was the latter, and it felt like it was going to rain. I rigged […]

Monday, 6/15 AT Miles = 18.1 / 1062.7Other Miles = 0 / 39.7Total Miles = 18.1 / 1101.4 Another really nice day. I hiked the ten miles to Pen Mar Park this morning, then when I got there Chance and I called and had pizzas delivered for our lunch. The park was really nice with […]

Sunday, 6/14 AT Miles = 20.7 / 1044.6Other Miles = 1.0 / 39.7Total Miles = 21.7 / 1083.3 As I was going to bed last night I heard some thunder rumbling in the distance, but there were only a few drops of rain on the tarp. During the night it cooled off quite a bit […]

Washington Monument

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This is the original Washington Monument, in Washington Monument State Park, MD. MonkeywrenchAllen

Saturday, 6/13 AT Miles = 19.7 / 1023.9Other Miles = 1.2 / 38.7Total Miles = 20.9 / 1061.6 Today was an awesome day. After feeling totally wrung out yesterday, today I felt like I could fly down the trail. I think I was dehydrated yesterday. I drank 3 quarts of water after getting to the […]

Friday, 6/12 AT Miles = 11.1 /1004.2Other Miles = 0.7 / 37.5Total Miles = 11.8 / 1040.7 When I am dead, do you think someone will build a trail shelter in my memory? No? A privy maybe? Bears Den was such a great place. I really enjoyed staying there last night. I even stayed awake […]

Thursday, 6/11 AT Miles = 18.3 / 993.1Other Miles = 0.8 / 36.8Total Miles = 19.1 / 1028.9 It rained like the dickens last night. I was comfy and dry in myhammock, but there were a few minutes when I thought the tarp mighttake off in the wind. That would have been bad! The humidity […]