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Man, I can't believe how long it's been since I've hiked. For over aweek I have been a total sloth, and it's really making me a cranky,hard to live with, person. Well, on Sunday I am heading back to Virginia and come Sunday night Ishould be hanging in my hammock somewhere along the AT. I […]

Why I’m Home

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Off The Trail

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Well, best laid plans and all of that… Jodi was supposed to drop me back on the Blue Ridge Parkway today, andI was going to resume my hike north. But I got a call from Anju earlythis morning telling me that she had delivered her son, and my newgrandson, Anthony. So a change of plans […]

Zero Day in Waynesboro

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Friday, 5/22 AT Miles = 0 / 833.9Other Miles = 0 / 31.1Total Miles = 0 / 865.0 As I think I mentioned yesterday, I talked Jodi into staying over anextra day before driving back to Bethesda. It was a wonderful day. Inthe morning we went to the post office so I could pick up […]

More Photos

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Thursday, 5/21 AT Miles = 8.4 / 833.9Other Miles = 0 / 31.1Total Miles = 8.4 / 865.0 I was up at the crack of dawn this morning, and on the trail before7:00. My goal today was simple and straightforward; hike the 8+ milesto where Jodi was to meet me before 11:00AM, when she was […]

Wednesday, 5/20 AT Miles = 14.4 / 825.5Other Miles = 0.2 / 31.1Total Miles = 14.6 / 856.6 Today was a short day at only a bit over 14 miles. Just like shortweeks at work, short days on the trail often seem to last forever. The views from Spy Rock in the morning were fabulous, […]

Tuesday, 5/19 AT Miles = 15.8 / 811.1Other Miles = 0 / 30.9Total Miles = 15.8 / 842.0 Cold! Damn, but it was cold last night! The temperature dropped to just above freezing down in the hollow where we were camped. That would have been fine if I still had my warmer seeping bag and […]

Blown Out Boot

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$180 and they lasted two months to the day! MonkeywrenchAllen

Monday, 5/18 AT Miles = 18.3 / 795.3Other Miles = 0.4 / 30.9Total Miles = 18.7 / 826.2 So, kind of a mixed day. Today is the two month anniversary of the day I started my hike; that's certainly a high point. But there were other, both high and low, points to the day. Yesterday […]

Sunday, 5/17 AT Miles = 21.6 / 777.0Other Miles = 0 / 30.5Total Miles = 21.6 / 807.5 After Trail Angel John left last night, Andrew and I were left at the shelter.We decided to have a fire for the evening, and when I say we, I mean that I sat on the picnic table […]

Saturday, 5/16 AT Miles = 18.3 / 755.4Other Miles = 0.2 / 30.5Total Miles = 18.5 / 785.9 It was warm and very muggy last night. Given that, I didn't expect to sleep very well, yet I did. I was up and out early this morning. I always seem to be the first one up […]

Friday, 5/15 AT Miles = 18.5 / 737.1Other Miles = 0.4 / 30.3Total Miles = 18.9 / 767.4 I didn't want to hike today. It rained cats and dogs last night, and it was cloudy and warm and muggy this morning. Just lying in bed watching TV really appealed to me. But I am trying […]

Thursday, 5/15 AT Miles = 9o.4 / 7`8.6Other Miles = 0 / 29.9Total Miles = 9.4 / 748.5 Quite a crew of thru-hikers showed up last night, and joined myself and the two Marines already at the shelter. Everybody was talking about the AYCE buffet at Pizza Hut in Daleville, and they all decided to […]

New Photos

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New photos here: — ~~~~~ Allen F. Freeman

Wednesday, 5/13 AT Miles = 8.4 / 709.2Other Miles = 0 / 29.9Total Miles = 8.4 / 739.1 I purposely made it a very short day today. It was actually quite difficult. I slept an extra hour late. I took my time making breakfast. I walked slowly. I got up to McAfee Knob about 9:30, […]

Seven Hundred

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So did you notice in my last entry that I have reached the 700 mile mark? Sa-weet! Only 26 more miles and I will have walked 1/3 of the trail. MonkeywrenchAllen

Tuesday, 5/12 AT Miles = 18.6 / 700.8Other Miles = 0.2 / 29.9Total Miles = 18.8 / 730.7 Last night was an awesome night. I had a few brief showers blow over me, then the moon came out orange through the clouds. It was so bright some of the birds even started singing! It got […]

Monday, 5/11 AT Miles = 18.5 / 682.2Other Miles = 1.0 / 29.7Total Miles = 19.5 / 711.9 Today was about contrasts. I started the day with my mood matching the weather; cold and wet. But I ended the day feeling absolutely wonderful. After hiking in a steady cold rain for hours, I managed to […]

Sunday, 5/10 AT Miles = 14.6 / 663.7Other Miles = 0 / 28.7Total Miles = 14.6 / 692.4 HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY It didn't rain last night, and the sky cleared this morning! The sun came out! It was a glorious day! Thanks, Mom! In honor of Mother's Day, I would like to note that this […]

Saturday, 5/9 AT Miles = 16.4 / 649.1Other Miles = 0 / 28.7Total Miles = 16.4 / 677.8 Water. The theme for today was water. A series of storms rolled through last night. Storms with wind and rain and lightning and thunder. Five storms came through while I was in my hammock last night. The […]

Friday, 5/8 AT Miles = 6.8 / 632.7Other Miles = 1.5 / 28.7Total Miles = 8.3 / 661.4 As usual, it rained last night. It didn't matter, though, as I was sleeping on a mattress in the loft of the hostel at Holy Family Church in Pearisburg. By the time I left there this morning […]

Yet Another Zero

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Thursday, 5/7 AT Miles = 0 / 625.9Other Miles = 1.7 / 27.2Total Miles = 1.7 / 653.1 A double zero. If I was going to do this I should have done it in anice little town like Damascus. But my feet chose this place to go onstrike, so it’s here that I am staying […]

Zero Day in Pearisburg

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Wednesday, 5/6 AT Miles = 0 / 625.9 Other Miles = 0 / 25.4 Total Miles = 0 / 651.3 I took a zero day in Pearisburg today. My left foot is really a mess. It felt okay this morning when I walked in my sandals a couple blocks down the street to get breakfast, […]

Tuesday, 5/5 AT Miles = 16.6 / 625.9Other Miles = 0.8 /25.5Total Miles = 17.4 / 651.4 Just before sunset last night the sky actually cleared up, and we weretreated to a bit of a view of the sunset. It was a sucker punch,though, as during the night the wet weather rolled back in and […]