NOTE: This entry is from yesterday, July 1. I simply couldn’t post it until today as I didn’t have cell phone coverage in Millerton.

Today was a beautiful day. Our short day yesterday and a good rest at the Dutch Iris Inn in Granby rejuvenated us and I felt like I had my cycling legs back this morning. It’s a good thing too as we did several wicked climbs as we made our way from Granby west to the Barkhamstead Reservoir — which was picture perfect this morning — and on through Pleasant Valley then up to Winsted and even more up and up to Norfolk — where we had a magnificent lunch — then a bit of respite as we cruised through East Canaan and Canaan and finally climbed the wall between Canaan and Salisbury. We stopped in Salisbury at the spring water fountain next to the town hall to discuss what we should do and decided that we were so close to New York that we had to press on to Millerton. When we got to Millerton we pulled over to the side of the road to discuss whether we should seek lodging or ride a few miles north of town to the Rudd Pond camping area. The place we chose to pull over was right in front of the Simmon’s Way Village Inn so Jodi decided we should find out how much they wanted for a room. When we inquired of the innkeeper how much her rooms were she said $189. We told her that was too rich for us and she asked what we were comfortable with. Jodi said $100, and the deal was done. The way I figure it Jodi just saved $89 and can now afford to treat me to something. I fear she doesn’t see it the same way.

It rained a bit earlier and we figured we made the right choice not camping, but it’s mostly clear now and a beautiful evening as we sit on our second floor balcony looking down over the long lawn of the inn and watching life move back and forth along Main Street.

We made 49 miles today. Not great mileage-wise but we climbed a LOT so we feel good about our progress. Tomorrow we head for Poughkeepsie and across the Hudson River.

Oh, I’ve got no cell signal here so you’ll be reading this tomorrow or whenever I get a signal. Sorry about that.

Allen Freeman