Friday, 3/20

AT Miles = 12.5 / 27.6
Other Miles = 0 / 9.5
Total Miles = 12.5 / 37.1

I like mornings. In the morning everything is quiet. The air is cool, the birds are singing, and the early morning light shows the world at its best. Also, in the morning my feet don't hurt.

I thoroughly enjoyed cruising along the trail this morning. I even saw one tree showing the first buds of spring. I think it is going to be great watching spring arrive day by day.

The spring equinox arrived at 11:44 this morning, and I greeted it seated at an overlook on Big Cedar Mountain in the Blood Mountain Wilderness area. What could be better?

By noon time my feet were starting to ache, and then the day turned a bit into just "getting there". But now I am cozily set up on the west side of the ridge near Slaughter Creek. How's that for a name to lull you to sleep at night?

It is getting quite chilly this evening so I think I will crawl into my hammock and read or listen to my little radio. It should be a great night for sleeping.

Tomorrow I have only 3.2 miles into Neels Gap. I think I will get there early, get a bunk in the hostel, and relax for the bulk of the day. I will buy supplies for the next four days there, which will get me to Hiawassee, GA.

Allen Freeman