Monday, 4/27

AT Miles = 18.6 / 491.0
Other Miles = 0.5 / 20.8
Total Miles = 19.1 / 511.8

A great day. Plenty of miles. Plenty of heat. Plenty of tired. But a great day. Up. Down. Up again. Climbed Mount Rogers, the highest peak in Virginia. Camped with a bunch of other hikers at a place tucked into the trees and out of the wind that is roaring just yards away out on the bald.

I hauled a HUGE food bag out of Damascus. It makes my pack weigh a ton. It weighed more yesterday morning leaving Damascus than it did when I started at Springer Mountain. But I think it's worth it. I am eating like crazy and it sems to help. I also bought a small container to carry olive oil while in Damascus, and I add it to every evening meal. I've also started taking daily vitamins. I am considering maybe getting some protein powder somewhere and using that every day as well. I am trying to avoid wasting away to nothing.

It's getting late and dark so I am going to quit for tonight. Goodnight all!

Allen Freeman