Friday, 7/10 – Sunday, 7/12

AT Miles = 12.9 / 1447.4
Other Miles = 0 / 49.7
Total Miles = 12.9 / 1487.1

AT Miles = 8.2 / 1455.6
Other Miles = 0 / 49.7
Total Miles = 8.2 / 1495.3

AT Miles = 0.3 / 1455.9
Other Miles = 0 /49.7
Total Miles = 0.3 / 1495.6

Friday was a gorgeous day, and I had only a short hike to get across
the state line into Connecticut and on to the campsite at Ten Mile
River, where I was to meet a couple of long time hiking friends from
the CT GMC. I was at Ten Mile River around 1:00, and I found a nice
spot to hang my hammock. I washed up and did my laundry, then put up
my bear line as a clothesline and hung everything out to dry.

About 3:30 Dick showed up, carrying snacks and beer along with his
camping gear. A few hours later Jim joined us. We had a great evening
chatting and reminiscing.One of the pleasantestr days I've had on this
whole trip.

On Saturday Jim had to head back home as he had work and family
obligations awaiting his attention. Jim and Dick spotted Dick's car
just past Mt Algo leanto, then Jim dropped Dick back at Bulls Bridge
and Dick and I started hiking north, up and over Schagticoke Mountain
and north to Mt Algo Leanto. It's funny how no matter whether the day
is 8 miles or 18 miles, the last mile always seems to take forever.

Just after starting the hike this morning I came upon two deer in the
woods. They stopped and stared at me and I did the same in return.
Eventually the lead deer apparently decided I posed no threat and
resumed browsing, slowly moving obliquely closer and closer to me. The
2nd deer was having none of it and remained on high alert. The 2nd
deer surprised me by snorting a warning. I've never seen that happen
before. The 1st deer looked at me again, but again decided I was
harmless and continued browsing. A few moments later deer #2 snorted
loudly three times, stamped her hoof, and turned and fled. Finally,
deer #1 looked back, decided to folow, and fled as well. That was
something to see!

When we got to Mt Algo Papa Kiwi was there. He was taking his zero day
in Kent by staying at the Leanto andf walking into town when he needed
to. Later that evening a bunch of thru-hikers showed up, including
MD3, OG, Joker, FlyBy, and a bunch of others.

On Sunday morning Dick and I hiked the .3 mile to the road where his
truck was parked, then Dick dropped me at the diner in Kent and he
left for home. After a big breakfast at the diner, I hung around for
about 45 minutes before walking over to the IGA and buying a pint of
Ben & Jerry's ice cream for dessert. (You eat ice cream with
breakfast, don't you?). Then I settled down with my book to wait for
Jodi to arrive around 11:00. Finally, we waited for some of my family
to arive and join us for lunch. There was a mix up and we never did
connect with my brother Dana. We did see my daughter Anju, her
boyfriend Drew, my ex-wife June, and Anju's godfather Henry.

Once the little family reunion was over Jodi and I left and drove to
New York City, where we are spending a few days living the high life.
It sure is different than the trail and the small towns I usually
spend time in. I remember gettinbg my hair cut in Tennessee, where it
cost $7. I got my haircut yesterday morning and it cost me $25! $25
could buy a lot of gorp or Ben & Jerry's ice cream.

I will be back on the trail sometime Wednesday afternoon. Until then,
Jodi and I are having a wonderful time living in the lap of luxury.

Allen F. Freeman