So, It's been 12 days since I summited Katahdin and brought my
thru-hike to a close. I think some folks are expecting — and maybe I
have been expecting myself — to see a nice, neat summing up here of
what this whole trip was all about; what meaning and insight have I
gained from my hike.

Sorry to disappoint, but I have no idea. Certainly, I think about the
hike a lot; every day in fact. But what I think about is mostly simple
memories of moments along the trail. I find I miss the simplicity of
trail life. I think about those days in southern Virginia when I was
gliding over the trail effortlessly, day after day (okay, okay, but
that's how I remember it). I think about how lost I felt when I got
off the trail in Waynesboro and was home for the first time. I yearned
for the trail so badly then.

But I have no idea what this all is supposed to mean. A smart friend
told me that I will be assimilating thing experience into my life for
years to come. I think she's right.

Allen F. Freeman