Okay, I’m a bit of a geek, and as such I just love spreadsheets full
of numbers. Along my hike I kept track of my daily mileage and other
info, and it is all here. I imagine this holds absolutely no interest
for most of you, and that’s cool. But it might be of interest to a
minority, and so my spreadsheet is included here. There are three
files here, but they are all the same spreadsheet, saved in different
formats, including Open Document Format, to try to accommodate the
different spreadsheet programs people may be using.

http://www.allenf.com/AT_Hike_Stats/Cumulative Data.ods

http://www.allenf.com/AT_Hike_Stats/Cumulative Data.xls

http://www.allenf.com/AT_Hike_Stats/Cumulative Data.xlsx

Allen F. Freeman