Jodi and I are at the Eagle Mountain House in Jackson, New Hampshire
tonight. This is the host hotel for the Mount Washington Road Race,
which goes off at 10:00AM tomorrow morning. There are a lot of people
here who take their mountain running very seriously. Needless to say,
people who specialize in going uphill very fast tend not to have a lot
of excess mas on their bodies. This is like a skinny convention!

I used to be skinny. Heck, I was skinny just last year. But I most
definitely am not skinny now. I am going to wish I were 20 pounds
lighter as soon as I hit the bottom of the downhill at mile 0.5 and
the world turns decidedly vertical for the next 7.1 miles. The good
thing about being so woefully unprepared for this run (in my case, I
won’t even call it a race), is that I have absolutely no expectation
of performance, so I am not in the least anxious about it. I’ll get up
in the morning, eat a good breakfast, go wait around for the run to
start while Jodi drives up to the summit, and suffer for a couple of
hours until it’s over. Once I’ve made it to the summit, I will be able
to wear my Mt. Washington Road Race shirt and cap with pride.

Oh, and tomorrow night I can indulge in an ice cold martini with
dinner. I was smart enough to avoid imbibing tonight.

Till tomorrow…