Tuesday, 7/27

As usual, Jodi and I started this tour pitifully under-trained. I’m sure we had less than 200 miles of riding this year before we started. For the first two days of the trip, we covered about 110 miles from Erie, PA to Cleveland Heights, OH. We’ve had fun, but are definitely feeling the miles, so we decided to take it easy today. Since we are here in Cleveland, the obvious choice of what to do was to ride to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame (www.rockhall.com), so we did. Actually, the Hall of Fame is right on the ACA route, so we simply followed the route out of Cleveland Heights, down to the Lake front, and west along the lake until we arrived. The entire trip was only about 13 miles.

Once we finished at the Hall of Fame, we retraced our way about 9 miles back towards Cleveland Heights, until we arrived at The Alcazar Hotel (www.thealcazar.com), which is a really neat 1920’s hotel. Nowadays it serves as a mixture of senior living, corporate apartments, and some hotel/B&B rooms. It was recommended to us by Ann, our host from last night (Thanks Ann, for your wonderful hospitality!), because it is reasonably priced, an interesting building, and situated in a neighborhood offering places to eat and things to do within walking distance.

We cycled 22.3 miles today, so it wasn’t really an off-the-bike rest day, but it was much more restful than cycling 50 or 60 miles.

The weather has been great since Sunday morning’s storms blew by, but tomorrow promises to bring more showers and storms in the afternoon. We are going to take a look at the map and try to figure a short day tomorrow that will hopefully get us under cover before the storms hit. Come Thursday, we should be dry again at least through the week end.

Today’s map might not look like 22 miles, but that is because we basically cycled out and back on the same route.

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