Wednesday, August 4

Yet another hot and muggy day. This weather is taking a toll on me. Yeah, I’m sure it’s the weather. It can’t have anything to do with being old and fat and out of shape. It must be the weather.

Yesterday afternoon, and again today, I just didn’t have much power in my legs. Jodi did at least 75 or 80% of the pulling. Fortunately there was very little wind today, and what we did have was a tail-wind most of the time. We made really good time today, with Jodi pulling us along between 17 and 19 MPH for the first 20 miles, until we stopped in New Glasgow for breakfast.

A little later we stopped at a farm stand, and the woman running the place agreed to sell us half a container of cherry tomatoes which made a delicious snack. While we were seated at a picnic table outside of the farm stand, we enjoyed a conversation with a local who stopped in to do some shopping.

We finished our ride in Port Stanley today; making a slightly short day at about 52 miles. Still, my legs were burning by the time we got here. Maybe it’s because it is so flat around here, so the same muscles are doing the same exact motion all day. We’ve got a really nice room at the Kettle Creek Inn, and while checking in we had a fun conversation with the proprietress, who has cycled a big chunk of the Tour d’Afrique, from Tanzania to Cape Town, as well as touring in Cuba, the far east, and all over Canada. Being cyclists earned us a bit of a discount on the room, too, which is always nice.

Jodi is napping now, and I am probably going to do the same, until it is time to go in search of some dinner in a couple of hours.

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