It snowed yesterday, and today I went cycling. So goes spring in New England.

There were still bits of snow on the ground where it was protected from the sun, but the roads were clear and dry, and I’ve been itchy to ride for a couple of weeks now.

I did make a classic cycling mistake. I left home headed for Wompatuck State Park, which is southeast of where we live. The wind today is blowing out of the northwest at 15 – 20 mph. When you ride with a tail-wind, you never think to yourself how that tailwind is really pushing you along. No, when you ride with a tail-wind you think about what great shape you’re in, and how this hardly feels like work at all. Then it comes time to turn around and start making your way back towards home, and you realize that you really aren’t Lance Armstrong, you’re just a play thing for the wind. The trip back home was pretty tough, and the last climb up and over Penn’s Hill left me with rubbery legs, but I made it.

I’ve got a new Brooks saddle on my bike, and so far I think I like it. I’ll have to work up to some reasonably long rides before I know for sure though.

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