I remember all the readings in church used to say “so and so went up to Jerusalem.” Well, it really is up to Jerusalem. After cruising along the beach promenade for a while, then working our way out of Jerusalem, we went up… and up… and up towards Jerusalem. It was a very scenic ride, but definitely a tough workout. Being Saturday, and therefore Shabbat — the Sabbath — there was almost no traffic in Jerusalem when we arrived. We got to the Agron Hostel about 4pm, and reception was closed for Shabbat. The security guard told us we could wait inside, and eventually we got to check with reception only to find they had no vacancies. Jodi stayed to watch our things while I made the circuit of hotels until I found a place for us. That is one of the risks of not planning a set schedule and reserving all our rooms ahead of time. Succot is a big holiday and many Jews come to Jerusalem, so accommodations are scarce. Nevertheless, we managed t get into our hotel just as it was getting dark, so no harm, no foul.

We are wickedly tired tonight so I’m not going to write much.

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