Internet access is ridiculously expensive at the Dan hotels, and I can’t bring myself to pay it. If the room rate includes electricity and water and cable TV, why doesn’t it include internet access? It makes no sense to me. So Jodi and I spent a couple of hours at a coffee shop down the street trying to nail down the details of the rest of our trip from here to Eilat. From here on we’ll be cycling in the Negev Desert with facilities few and far between, so we needed to make reservations for every night. It turns out that a couple of places we had planned to stay are not available when we will be there, so we had to adjust our plans a bit. We have all but one night confirmed and am waiting for the response to an email about that night. Later on I will head down to the coffee shop again to send this blog post and check for the expected email response.

After our morning planning session we walked over to the Israel Museum and spent a few hours there. The highlight was seeing the Dead Sea Scrolls and the clay jars they were found in.

I have added photos from Jerusalem to