It was wickedly humid and hot last night while we were camped at Button Bay. We cooled off in the afternoon swimming in the pool, but it was difficult sleeping due to the heat and humidity. This morning when we got up the air was heavy and still, and soon after we set out it started raining.

We were lucky that it rained only lightly and intermittently. We were unlucky in that we couldn’t find any place for breakfast. We finally stopped at the weekly farmers’ market in Shelburne and got some snacks, then pressed on to Burlington. We stopped at a pub just across the river in Winooski for lunch. It was still overcast and threatening rain, so we decided to find a motel room instead of continuing on to the state park campground we had originally planned. All our damp clothes are draped over furniture around the room to dry, and Jodi is taking a well-earned nap.

We are about 50 miles from the Canadian border at Rouses Point, NY. We might make it into Canada tomorrow, but the wind is supposed to be against us, blowing at 15 – 20 mph, so we might not. default icon20120707.gpx