I woke up this morning, after a sound and solid 10 1/2 hours of sleep, and realized I was just too tired to crank my biycle down the road today. Jodi must have been tired as well because she readily agreed to a day off, so after breakfast at a local diner we checked with the front desk and secured our room for a 2nd night. There is a decent book store next to our motel so I picked up another book to read and we spent the day reading, napping, and eating.

I mentioned the two women who saw us eating lunch in Newport, Vermont a few days ago, and then again in Littleton, New Hampshire. Well, when we walked into the restaurant next door for dinner tonight, there they were! What are the odds of that happening?

We are only about 120 miles from home, but tomorrow is supposed to be wickedly hot and humid. The forecasted high is 95, which means out on the road in the sun it will be well over 100 degrees. To top it off we should have a 15 – 20 mph head wind. All that is just to say I have no idea how far we are going to get tomorrow. We could be home on Wednesday, or we may not get there until Thursday.