Jodi and I haven’t been on a bike tour since 2012, for a variety of reasons. But we’re going to remedy that this summer. Come June 25 we will be in the car, bikes on the roof, headed to Port Huron, Michigan. We will be leaving our car parked in the yard of a kind Warmshowers host there, and on Sunday we will head out on our bikes to circumnavigate Lake Huron. This will be the third of the 5 Great Lakes we’ve cycled around, after Lake Ontario and Lake Erie. The total distance looks to be a bit shy of 1,000 miles so we expect the trip to take about 3 weeks. In the past I’ve tried to coax Jodi into adding her perspective to the blog but it was always to no avail. This year she says she is going to try her hand at blogging, so you can look forward to a bit of her writing to relieve the sameness of my missives.