After coffee and a bit of breakfast at Bonnie’s house, Jodi and I did the bits of last-minute organizing that always seem to need to be done, strapped our panniers to the bikes, and set off. Bonnie asked me if I knew where I was going and I pointed east and said “I’m going east to the lake then I’m going to turn left and keep the lake on my right.” She made it a bit easier for me and told me which street to turn onto so we could get to the lake with a traffic light to cross the one major road between here and there. We stopped at a local park on the lake front to get our first up close view and to touch the water. A useless yet important gesture. Port Huron is a beautiful town and we really enjoyed cruising through the streets early on a Sunday morning. The yards all seem to be full of flowers. Soon enough we were out on M25, the state road that follows the shore. There was a good bit of traffic, including lots and lots of RVs moving up and down the lake, but we had a wide, clean shoulder to ourselves and the drivers here arevery polite. So different from Boston! After stops for breakfast and lunch, we arrived at the campground in the early afternoon and spent the rest of the day trying to relax. It was oppressively hot, and Jodi wasn’t feeling her best. Maybe a bit dehydrated. Maybe something she ate didn’t agree. But eventually she was comfortably asleep.

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