It’s Jodi again. I’m laying on a comfortable bed at the Black Bear Lodge in Alpena, MI. We are happy to be here. We cycled just over 30 miles today and we are now two days behind our predicted schedule. We don’t have to keep to a schedule though. Most cycling folks might think that 30 miles is nothing. Firstly we had to wait out some rain and we did so while enjoying a large breakfast. The rain finished when we finished. Not so lucky though, the wind picked up big time, powering out of the North as we headed into it. Today we saw our first hills in the first 15 miles. I like hills. I only have use of about 4 gears too. Tomorrow I should have my new derailleur and with it have my bike fully functional again. After the hills the headwinds became vicious and required a big effort. We were lucky to hit 10 miles an hour on the flats. We saw our first touring cyclist going the other way, he was flying. Maybe one day we will get a nice tailwind too. I took a few pictures today. I’ve never seen so many types of evergreens. So many look like perfectly shaped Christmas trees. Also, I noticed these snapdragons along the way.
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