We are happily ensconced at the Velorution Bike Shop, which offers their own little free campsite and access to their restroom, shower, and WiFi for touring cyclists.

Okay, you want to know how we got here. It was pleasant, and really simple and quiet. We left the campground this morning, rode through downtown St Ignace stopping along the way for a hearty breakfast, then got on the Mackinac Trail which I think was the main route across the UP here until I-75 came along and got all the traffic.

So the road was super quiet and we just rode along peacefully through the Hiawatha National Forest with a couple of little crossroad towns along the way to provide convenient store stops for snacks and drinks along the way. Once we got to Sault Ste Marie, MI (there’s one on each side of the border) we rode past the “No Bicycles” sign at the highway entrance, paid our toll, and continued on across the bridge to Canada. From there it was just a couple of miles… okay, we’re in Canada so it was just a few kilometers to reach the bike shop. One of the clerks here gave us a quick tour of the facilities they offer for overnight guests. We picked a spot to set up our tent, cut through the next door Walmart parking lot to a comfortable lunch place, did a bit of shopping at Walmart, and are now back hanging at the bike shop using their WiFI to post this blog.

I have a slow leak in my rear tire so as soon as I finish this I need to go out and pull that off the bike and change the tube.

Oh, for about 13 1/2 miles today my GPS was not recording so the mileage in the graph below is understated.

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