Hi, Jodi here,

We left in the RV yesterday around 5pm to start our six week long vacation to Colorado and maybe beyond. I worked until around 2pm and It was a tiring stressful scramble running the last few errands and prepping before finally going,

We, Allen drove to Walmart in Chicopee and we stayed for the evening. I never knew, never intending or ever thinking about travelling in an RV. This is our first real trip in our 35′ Itasca Sunstar with a Ford Edge in tow. I learned through Allen that many Walmart’s and they have for decades allow RV’s to park for free overnight.

We left Chicopee around 7:30am, Allen me with our 18 wheels that is 6 on the RV four on the Ford Edge and 8 among our 2 touring and 2 mountain bikes. Allen drove 380 miles today. Typically I’m posting how much we rode on our bicycles, our two wheeled RV’s, fully loaded Pannier’s with sleeping bags, clothes a tent and cooking gear. Many times I was longing for my bike when I gazed upon the adjacent to the expressway country roads

The scenery is still beautiful through the massive windshield from my high perch upon the over-sized, made for comfort, bucket seat. We drove between the Adirondack and the Catskill Mountains for several hours today. At lunchtime we pulled into a rest area along side the Susquehanna River and I noticed a bird on a spit of gravel in the middle of the river so.I hopped back into the RV and grabbed my, new for this trip, binoculars; It was a Great Blue Heron! A couple of minutes later a Baltimore Oriel flew through the same scene. I ate lunch and returned to see the Heron again and noticed that his spit of land was disappearing, my guess because the water level was rising due to an earlier rain. I raced for my binoculars again and returned in time to see the beautiful creature takeoff onto dry land on the far side of the river. I noticed how he blended into the scenery of march grass and low branches.

We are now at Olean, NY Walmart. Just grilled hamburgers for dinner. This really is a beautiful spot. We are nestled at the foot of the Allegheny Mountains. Here are photos of the RV. I love the wildflowers along the side of the road and our encampment at Walmart.