Well, the good news is that Winnebago quickly identified the problem and the needed fix. We need the hydraulic jack cylinders replaced. More good news is that the jack manufacturer, HWH is only about half an hour from here.

The bad news is that HWH doesn’t keep these parts in stock. They manufacture them on demand. So it is going to take “at least a week” to get the parts.

Jodi and I discussed trying to find an RV repair place in the Denver area that could order the parts and do the install while we’re there, and we even called a couple of places, but no joy. So we went back to the service desk and told them that we’d like them to go ahead and order the parts. Looks like we’ll be staying in Forest City for a while!

We’ve moved from the city park up to the Winnebago service area, where we can park for free until our service is done.