We went for a hike to Cascade Falls, a 4 mile gentle hike through meadow and forest to the prize. It’s magical to see and hear the power of the water falling and hitting and rolling over the rocks in an endless series of pathways, twists and turns, all different, so many little scenes, sparkles, bubbles, smooth, clear and dark flows, pools of eddies. All ones worries seem to have no place here. We left our camp by Allen’s car and on the dirt road near the dam we saw a Coyote, and his furry trophy trotting off into the woods, but before that he turned and looked at us. On the trail, the Cascade Trail we trailed a moose and her offspring. It was shocking to me that we were perhaps 50 yards away. When mother moose turned and looked me in the eye I got a little scared. On our return we saw a hawk above the meadow in his sky. I wonder what he was looking at.