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Friday, 9/11 AT Miles = 13.5 / 1971.8Other Miles = 1.0 / 61.0Total Miles = 14.5 / 2032.8 Miles to Katahdin = 206.5 Arrghh! Still more than 200 miles to go. When I got back on the traillast Friday morning in Gorham, NH, it was just under 300 miles. 8 daysof hiking later, it is […]

ME 17 to ME 4

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Thursday, 9/10 AT Miles = 13.1 / 1958.3Other Miles = 0 / 60.1Total Miles = 13.1 / 2018.3 Miles to Katahdin = 220.0 Almost 90% done! 90% will be 217.83 miles, so I am only 2.2 miles shy. I hiked with my full pack today. It was a pleasant hike, through thewoods on a pretty […]

South Arm Rd to ME 17

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Wednesday, 9/9 AT Miles = 13.3 / 1945.2Other Miles = 0 / 60.0Total Miles = 13.3 / 2005.2 Miles to Katahdin = 233.1 Man, oh man, what a perfect day today was! Today was the quintessence of early fall in New England; a cold crisp morning followed by a day just warm enough to work […]

Mooselookmeguntic Lake

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—"Home is where I hang my food bag" MonkeywrenchAllen

East B Hill Rd to South Arm Rd

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Tuesday, 9/8 AT Miles = 10.1 / 1931.9 Other Miles = 0 / 60.0 Total Miles = 10.1 / 1991.9 Miles to Katahdin = 246.4 Ah, what a lovely day to be hiking in Maine! I set off early this morning and had a wonderful time slackpacking along easy trail through the cool of the […]

Baldpate Looms Ahead

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From today's hike: —"Home is where I hang my food bag" MonkeywrenchAllen

Elevation Profiles

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This is a photo taken with my cell phone camera showing the map and elevation profile for some of the terrain I have been hiking the last few days. —"Home is where I hang my food bag" MonkeywrenchAllen

Grafton Notch to East B Hill Road

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Monday, 9/7 Labor Day AT Miles = 10.3 / 1921.8Other Miles = 0.1 / 60.0Total Miles = 10.4 / 1981.8 I haven't slackpacked since those two days back in Massachusetts when Jodi came out and slackpacked me. Boy, is it nice! I had arranged for a 7:00AM shuttle from the hostel back to Grafton Notch, […]

Sunday, 9/6 AT Miles = 9.7 / 1911.5Other Miles = 0 / 59.9Total Miles = 9.7 / 1971.4 Miles to Katahdin = 266.8 Whew! What a day! The weather was perfect today. It was cold last night and I slept SO good all snugged down into my down sleeping bag. I was awake a few […]

Saturday, 9/5 AT Miles = 9.6 / 1901.8Other Miles = 0.8 / 59.9Total Miles = 10.4 / 1961.7 Miles to Katahdin = 276.5 9.6 miles. That must sound to you like I had an easy day. Ha! It took 9 hours to cover those 9.6 miles. I said the terrain was going to get tough, […]

US 2 to Gentian Pond Campsite

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Friday, 9/4 AT Miles = 11.8 / 1892.2Other Miles = 0.2 / 59.1Total Miles = 12.0 / 1951.3 Miles to Katahdin = 286.1 First, a word about the mileages given above. You all know that I skipped about 15 miles of trail between Carter Notch Hut, where I got off the trail a couple of […]

Ready To Go (fingers crossed)

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Well, everything* is packed and ready to go. I made a trip to the grocery store this morning and spent $70+ on food for 8 days. That’s 4 days in my pack, and another 4 days of food in a box I mailed to Pine Ellis Lodging in Andover, ME. When I think about it […]

Practice Hike

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I went for a little walk in the Blue Hills Reservation today. I canreport that hiking on a flat, smooth trail, with no pack, wearingCho-pat braces on both knees, and using my trekking poles, my kneesfelt about 98%. How that translates into carrying a full pack up anddown mountains and over rough terrain, remains to […]

Slight Delay

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Jodi just got a job for Thursday so she can't drive me to NewHampshire that day. Plans are pushed back one day to Friday. Geez, it's September already! How did that happen?— ~~~~~MonkeywrenchAllen F.



Si I've decided: I will be heading back up to New Hampshire onThursday to try to complete this darned hike. I wish I could say that I am excited to be heading back to the trail,but it's not quite true. I certainly am not yet ready to give up mylife as a thru-hiker. It is, […]



So, I am home again. I walked out from Carter Notch Hut along theeasiest route, which was down the 19 Mile Brook Trail. Boy, what a joythat was! Apparently, there are 'normal' hiking trails in the Whites.Instead of scrambling up and down rock ledges and giant boulders, thetrail simply followed along beside the brook for […]

Sunday, 8/23 AT Miles = 5.9 / 1865.2Other Miles = 0 / 58.9Total Miles = 5.9 / 1924.1 Miles to Katahdin = 313.1 Good grief, Charlie Brown! It took me 5 hours to hike less than 6 miles today, and that was carrying a pack barely heavier than a day pack. My knees hurt just […]

The Backpacks

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See that big backpack? Well, that one is not coming on this next legof the hike. The big pack will be spending the next couple of days inthe trunk of my car here in Gorham. Instead, I will only be carryingthat little backpack, with just some warm clothes for the evening, andsome snacks for lunch […]

Gorham, NH

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I am in Gorham, NH tonight. I left home after lunch today and drove uphere. It sure was hard saying goodbye to Jodi! I am staying at Hiker's Paradise here in Gorham. Tomorrow morning Iwill leave my car here tomorrow and take the bus to Pinkham Notch,which is where I got off the trail on […]

Frustration & Back To The Trail

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Well, I’ve been home for most of the week now. It sure has been niceto shower every day, and to partake in this very strange custom ofwearing clean clothes every day! My plan is to ty to slack pack (hike with only a day pack) as much ofthe rest of the trail as I can. […]



Photos for the section from Franconia Notch to Pinkham Notch are here: — ~~~~~ Monkeywrench Allen F. Freeman

Thursday, 8/13 – Monday, 8/17 Thursday, 8/13 AT Miles = 12.9 / 1818.6 Other Miles = 0.8 / 58.9 Total Miles = 13.7 / 1877.5 Friday, 8/14 AT Miles = 11.8 / 1830.4 Other Miles = 0 / 58.9 Total Miles = 11.8 / 1889.3 Saturday, 8/15 AT Miles = 14.0 / 1844.4 Other Miles […]

Tuesday, 8/11 AT Miles = 16.4 / 1805.7 Other Miles = 0.8 / 58.1 Total Miles = 17.2 / 1863.8 Miles to Katahdin = 372.6 I had a nice night in North Woodstock, with a good dinner followed by a nice, filling breakfast this morning. After breakfast I positioned myself on Rt 112, the road […]

Monday, 8/10 AT Miles = 9.5 / 1789.3Other Miles = 0.9 / 57.3Total Miles = 10.4 / 1846.6 Miles to Katahdin = 389.0 The weather toyed with me this morning. In my "Appalachian Pages" book there is a notation that "North side of Mt Moosilauke is steep and often slick," and I had heard that […]

Sunday, 8/9 AT Miles = 19.9 / 1779.8Other Miles = 1.3 / 56.4Total Miles = 21.2 / 1836.2 Miles to Katahdin = 398.5 Last night was a beautiful night. I went up in the fire tower to take some evening photos, and also to get cell service. That was the first place I had been […]