Monday, 7/27

AT Miles = 19.0 / 1619.5
Other Miles = 0 / 54.0
Total Miles = 19.0 / 1662.6

Miles to Katahdin = 558.8

I got the world's easiest hitch this morning. I barely stuck my thumb out and the first car to come by stopped and gave me a ride back to the trail.

Fvor some reason I thought the climb up to Goddard Shelter was 8 1/2 miles, and I couldn't figure out why it took me so long to get there. Then I looked at my book and realized that it was really ten miles. Ten uphill miles in 4:15 isn't so bad after all.

I ate lunch there then pushed on another four miles to Kid Gore Shelter. This is the section of trail I help maintain with the CT GMC, and I usually hike up and down this hill while cutting brush and stuff, so it felt strange to just cruise down the trail at full speed.

Just as I was reaching Kid Gore a thundershower that I had been listening to for a while let loose. I sat in Kid Gore for an hour snacking and reading until two storms rolled past, then I pushed on to Story Spring, where I am now.

"Home is where I hang my food bag"

Allen Freeman