Tuesday, 7/28

AT Miles = 18.3 / 1637.8
Other Miles = 0.1 / 54.1
Total Miles = 18.4 / 1681.0

Miles to Katahdin = 540.5

It didn't rain last night. You might think that something not happening would be a non-event, but you'd be wrong. A night without rain is definitely an event this summer; an event to be cherished and celebrated. Not only did it not rain last night, but when I got up in the middle of the night I noticed these strange bright points of light in the sky. I had almost forgotten that stars exist.

It was a glorious, sunshiney, low humidity day today. I felt so good that I just flew over the trail. I stopped for my first lunch on the shore of Stratton Pond where I ate and chatted with the site caretaker. After that I pushed on to Prospect Rock, with views overlooking Manchester Center in the valley below, where I ate some more, and sat in the sun and read my book for an hour and a half, while my boots and socks dried in the sun.

I finally left there and hiked the last two miles here to the shelter. It was still nice while I was setting up camp and washing and doing other chores. Unfortunately now the sun has disappeared behind clouds, and the insects have appeared. I guess it isn't destined to be the wonderful evening I had anticipated. Bummer!

While at Prospect Rock I called Jeff at the Green Mountain House, a hiker hostel in Manchester Center, and reserved a bed for tomorrow night. I am only three miles from the road here. so I should be in town early tomorrow, do all my town chores, go to the post office to pick up my bounce box, then I will call Jeff for a ride to the hostel.

I just spent some time figuring out the next week or so of hiking. I should be in Rutland on Friday, ay Sherburne Pass and the Inn At Long Trail on Saturday, and in Hanover, NH next Tuesday!

I hope it stays dry tonight and tomorrow morning, so I don't have to try hitching into town while looking and smelling like a half-drowned rat.

"Home is where I hang my food bag"

Allen Freeman