Friday, 7/30

Good-bye Ohio. Hello Michigan.

Gosh, it was a beautiful evening last night. Cool, dry air with a light breeze, and a full moon that was bright enough pouring through the door of our tent that it actually woke me last night.

We started our journey today riding up one side of the river and down the other in Toledo. The east side of the river hosts oil refineries, landfills, and that kind of industry. It was interesting for a while.

One of the roads we planned to use was closed due to work being done on a railroad crossing, but with bicycles we just walked around the construction crew and went on our way. We shared the road with a ot of heavy truck traffic, but had no issues. The parts of Toledo we saw looked quite depressed, though I’m sure there are parts of town that are nice. We passed a lot of older, run-down homes that were obviously beautiful in days gone by.

The road north along the Detroit River was ugly, tedious, and difficult. The road must have been concrete in years past, and it has now been paved over. At every expansion joint in the underlying concrete, the pavement heaves and cracks. That makes ofr very uncomfortable riding.

Maybe it was just us and our mood, but it seemed that other drivers today were less polite, more impatient, and more aggressive today than they have been. I think we were also just tired after pushing hard for 80 miles yesterday. In any event, we set out planning to ride up the river to Wyandotte, then turning inland to Dearborn. Instead, we quit in Trenton. Our plan now is to ride to Dearborn tomorrow morning where we have reservations in a hotel, and tickets for the Ford Museum and Greenfield Village. The forecast tomorrow calls for rain, and depending on how bad it is, we may or may not take in everything tomorrow. If not, we can stay over another day. Whichever day we leave Dearborn, we’ll ride the ten miles or so into downtown Detroit, and north out of town along the Detroit River.The day after that we should be in Canada.

Hey Anju, if you are reading this, HAPPY AIRPLANE DAY tomorrow!

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