We did a short (less than 16 miles) ride today to a Hampton Inn in Dearborn, less than a mile from The Henry Ford Museum, arriving around 9:30 this morning. I used Google Maps bicycle routing to plan the route last night, and downloaded it to my GPS. It turned out to be a very pleasant route, wending through quiet residential streets. The hotel is on Michigan Avenue, which is a 6 – 8 lane divided highway with a 45 mph speed limit and traffic moving much faster than the limit, but traffic was fairly light and we claimed the right lane for ourselves with no problems.

We left our bikes and panniers at the hotel and walked the mile or so to the museum. We bought our museum tickets in a package with the hotel room, which saved us a few bucks, and got us tickets to both the Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village. We spent all day today at the museum, which is amazing. We didn’t see it all, because after a certain number of hours we were just burned out and couldn’t take it all in anymore.

We are going to stay here for two nights, so we can spend tomorrow at the Village, then on Monday morning we will head out on our bikes. It’s about 10 miles from here to downtown Detroit, then about 50 miles north up the Detroit River and around the west side of Lake St Clair to a state park where we can camp.

It is nice to think that we can sleep late tomorrow morning ad not have to get up and get on the road.

The photo here is of a 10-person bicycle hanging the The Henry Ford Museum.

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