Sunday, August 8


From the time we left the campground this morning, all we did was fight our way into the wind. We were riding southwest along Rt 5, following the shore of Lake Erie. Meanwhile, the wind was blowing straight out of the southwest, either directly into our face or just off the port bow. There wasn’t much fun in today’s ride, just hard work. At times we were actually cycling down hill, in the drops, pedaling away, and barely making 10 MPH.

As the day went on the wind only increased. We considered stopping and finishing the ride tomorrow, but there were a few things against that plan:

– The forecast called for the wind to stay out of the west or southwest through tomorrow – The forecast also called for a chance of rain tonight and tomorrow – There really wasn’t anyplace to stay anyway

So we pushed on. We cycled from 8:00 this morning until 4:00 this afternoon, and fought our way to Erie, battling the wind the whole way. We stopped for breakfast, and we stopped for lunch. Other than that, we just rode. Thank goodness Jodi is such a strong cyclist. I’m sure she pulled more than her share of the day today.

There are probably other things I should write about, but we are wickedly tired and all I can remember is fighting the incessant headwind, so I’ll quit. Suffice to day we made it back to Erie, and closed the circle on our trip around Lake Erie.

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