Below is the daily break-down and total miles for the trip. Before we started I estimated the route at about 750 miles. Turns out I was pretty close, with the actual miles cycled coming in at 773.3.

07/25/2010 55.6 Erie, PA to Geneva State Park, OH
07/26/2010 56.9 Geneva State Park, OH to Cleveland Heights, OH
07/27/2010 22.2 “Rest” Day in Cleveland
07/28/2010 51.2 Cleveland, OH to Vermilion, OH
07/29/2010 76.0 Vermilion, OH to Maumee Bay State Park, OH
07/30/2010 59.8 Maumee Bay State Park, OH to Trenton, MI
07/31/2010 15.7 Trenton, MI to Dearborn, MI
08/01/2010 0.0 Dearborn, MI
08/02/2010 67.5 Dearborn, MI to Algonac State Park, MI
08/03/2010 59.9 Algonac State Park, MI to Rondeau Provincial Park, ON
08/04/2010 51.6 Rondeau Provincial Park, ON to Port Stanley, ON
08/05/2010 66.5 Port Stanley, ON to Port Dover, ON
08/06/2010 62.6 Port Dover, ON to Port Colborn, ON
08/07/2010 56.3 Port Colborn, ON to Evangola State Park, NY
08/08/2010 71.5 Evangola State Park, NY to Erie, PA

TOTAL 773.3