Here is the full route we cycled in Israel. If you zoom any particular spot in too far it may not be as precise as it should be, as I filtered the data set to reduce the number of data points. If I hadn’t the server would have to work too hard to process the data and the page may never render.

If you look at the elevation profile you can see that we started at a decent altitude, but still climbed the first day as we made our way towards Mount Hermon, then we descended down below sea level at Yam Kinneret — The Sea of Galilee –. From here we climbed again as we made our way up through the Meron Forest, then descended to sea level at Rosh HaNikra on the Mediterranean. We stayed at sea level as we made our way south through Nahariya and Akko, until we reached Haifa and climbed Mount Carmel. From here it was through the Carmel Forest and down, then rolling along until we reached sea level again in Tel Aviv. From Tel Aviv we climbed again to Jerusalem before descending below sea level even more at the Dead Sea. Finally, from the Dead Sea we climbed up to the high Negev at Mitspe Ramon, then descended to sea level to end our ride in Eilat on the Red Sea.

Phew! It makes me tired just looking at it.