It’s Jodi,

We haven’t taken a day off since we started our trip 11 days ago. We’ve cycled 11 days straight. That is a record. We are trying to stay ahead of bad weather and hope to take a day off on Friday. Tomorrow we cycle 60 odd miles East to Espanola. I am writing sitting on rivers edge just outside the door of our motel room. It’s a magnificent evening and it’s magic hour for those in the video business. Today we cycled 38 not easy miles. Like yesterday we stayed mostly off the Trans Canadian Highway. We took back roads through gorgeous farm country. Many of the farms were Amish. One way you can tell an Amish farm is that there is no public service running to the farm houses. We also saw Amish women working in the fields. We rode past two Amish buggies one driven by a young women and the other horse driven buggy held a family. The roads were mostly empty of cars. There is a price to pay when staying off the main roads and venturing into the idyllic country side, like yesterday we traveled through hilly countryside and through gravel and dirt roads. It’s worth it though! On the final 16 miles we did go on the highway. We paralleled the river and for most of that ride we had a handlebars wide shoulder on which we were passed fairly close by several 18 wheelers.

Interesting note: In the two days since leaving Sault St. Marie we have been into two towns. While the scenary is beautiful and pristine, it is certainly evident that these are difficult places to make a living.

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