It’s Jodi,

We saddled up again today after a nice rest day yesterday. We rode the sparsely traffics route 6 40 miles to the a nice lunch at Carol and Earl’s. Carol wasn’t in and we were serve by Flo. It’s a small town. Inside ordering were a what I believe a Menonite family or seven. Menonite is a kind of reform version of Amish. I marveled at how well the children were behaved and no electronic devices to pacify them either.

The ride was pretty today and rolling hills with views of farm land and the Georgian Bay section of the Lake. I had a bit of fun today. At about 20 miles in a women cyclist on a fast bike passed Allen and I like it was easy. I noticed after she was up the road a good bit that she wasn’t gaining on us anymore. I am a good hill climber and decided to show her that she didn’t just pass anyone. I caught her at the top of the hill with my heavy loaded touring bike.

After lunch we hopped on the ferry it was really big and really nice. The ride was beautiful and calm. The lake is so big you really think that you are at sea. I chatted for two hours with a motor cyclist from Oregon what sitting on deck.

We are camping at the Tobermory Village Campground. Canned soup for dinner.

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